The Secret Behind Long, Lustrous Eye Lashes

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Besides, having long, thick natural hair, every lady would give anything to have long and full lashes that just dance around the eyes each time you blink. The reason why mascara that adds volume to lashes was invented and runs out of stock in just hours.

What if I told you there is a secret to make your lashes fuller and long? that you will never have to wear false lashes…. #TeamNatural. Read on sister….

So before we get at it there are things you need to establish before we treat the condition.  The growth cycle of your eyelashes consists of three phases: catagen (dormant stage), telogen (shedding stage), and anagen (the growth phase). So realistically, your lashes spend most of their time chillin’ and falling out, not actually growing, which is why results aren’t instantaneous.

Here we go…..

1. You can stimulate your lashes to grow

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Yes, we are told to eat right, brush your lashes regularly….and so on and so forth that however will just give you healthy lashes, which may add to the volume but not length. Simply, because you have not increased the growth stimulation.

One of the best product to stimulate lash growth is Latisse  and so far it is the only FDA-approved eyelash growth serum on the market. It was originally created as eye drops for glaucoma (high eye pressure), but doctors noticed its other benefit: the ability to grow longer, thicker eyelashes.

Using the active ingredient bimatoprost to help grow your existing lashes and stimulate the growth of new hairs in four to six weeks. The only little hurdle is that it’s by prescription only, so you gotta go to a derm or doctor to get it.

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2. Lash Growth Serums

OTC Serums (you can get it from Lintons beauty shops) work, this is because it has an active ingredient that acts like the same as Latisse that will bring those dancing lashes.

3. Lash conditioners

A safer alternative to a nonprescription lash growth serum is an eyelash conditioner. These moisturizing formulas typically contain emollient ingredients, which work to make your existing lashes look and feel healthier.

What should I avoid when growing lashes?

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When growing your lashes, you want to avoid anything that can stunt or damage the hairs. So, you know, all the usual things that can damage your lashes, including false lashes, eyelash curlers, and not washing your face.

False eyelashes might be tempting to play around with while you’re waiting for growth, but because they’re so heavy, they could actually cause the lashes to break or even fall out, especially when removing them.

Meanwhile, being overly aggressive with an eyelash curler can also damage lashes by causing breakage and mechanical trauma. As for not removing your makeup, some people might develop inflammation around their lashes called blepharitis, which, if left untreated, can cause lash loss.

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