NO GO ZONE: Things we should ABSOLUTELY NOT insert in our Cookie

Let’s get real for a second; some women go a little bit too far to please themselves, especially when they’re horny and wanna play on their own. There are just some things you cannot shove up your vagina. Not every item that resembles a dick, is worth hurting your vagina. Ouch!
1. Fruits and vegetables

Like carrots, bananas, eggplants etc. So, apparently them things might contain bacteria, insects and some soil. So while you’re busy shoving them up your coochie, these little things get into your system and cause a lot of harm. I’ll just leave this here. .

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2.Anything that has been up your butt or someone else’s, and hasn’t been cleaned

If you put a dildo or any other object up your ass and into your coochie, girl you are in for the most uncomfortable shit of your life. you’re likely to spread bacteria into your vaginal cavity that really, really doesn’t belong there and you can end up with serious side effects

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3. Electric toothbrushes

Ladies! that’s why there are vibrators made for this purpose. Just because it buzzes you down there, does not make it a sex toy.  You’re also likely to spread bacteria from your mouth right up inside you.

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4. Vaseline

Vaseline or any other petroleum product may cause vaginal infection and discomfort. They may act as lubricants and all, but truth is, they will cause yo more harm than good.

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5. Hairbrush

Although the handle represents a tiny little penis, can you imagine the handle getting stuck up your coochie? can you imagine the pain? And the embarrassment when you’re being rolled into the ER with a brush handle up your coochie? Damn!

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6. Anything wooden

Other than a dildo, inserting anything that’s made of wood up your vagina can leave you with small tiny pieces of wood in your vajajay. Can you imagine the tiny pieces of wood down there? Exactly! unimaginable.

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So there you have it, ladies. I suggest you head on over to the store and get yourself proper sex toys and lube. Save yourself the pain and also your vagina. Wouldn’t want anything bad happening to you all because you were too horny to think about the risks.

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