Is your boyfriend raping you at night ?

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Your boyfriend has phoned you, probably is out drinking or out with your secretary aka the side chic and probably he will drink to. Whatever he does at this point, take it that he drank and he will stupor his way back home, to your house and knock countlessly on the door which you left it open for him, but let’s say his brain is not that strong in thinking right now. The normal “Aki baby sijalewa ni brayo alinita tuongee biashara tukakunywa Moja mbili, but si unajua nakupenda sana , baby bbby…” this is before he slightly passes out.

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But the flashes of images in his head of the skimpily dressed women who kept tempting him with the vanilla-like thighs and tattoos that just spell doom and touching them would feel good six ways to Sunday. Or his side piece didn’t want anything to do with him and so he comes back to the paradise he has left behind you.

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Did you know you can also sleep-grope and even sleep-sex? And can you imagine having a partner who gets explosively horny in their sleep and tries to ravish your sleeping body? Still, other people have used the sexsomnia defense or the general sleepwalking defense successfully. It’s important to note that waking up while feeling a bit randy, then turning over to reach for your partner to engage in half-awake, groggy sex, is not at all the same thing.

Image result for touching her in her sleep

Our limited understanding still doesn’t change the ultimate conundrum here or its potential legal ramifications: When is sexsomnia just an awkward but ultimately welcome condition, and when is it a problem? But complicating all this is that other instances of sexsomnia are perceived as rape, insomuch as they are absolutely unwanted, nonconsensual and extremely disturbing sex acts.

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