From attending church without underwear to eating grass! Bizarre happenings in African churches


Whoever said that religion is a cause for insanity, was absolutely right. Pastors legit stay doing the most while performing acts of a divine nature to accrue blessings to the willing congregation.

The controversy that has been surrounding the false prophets of this world is quite baffling.

How far would you go so that your mbegu may be planted?


Warning, the following acts of divinity are likely to cause mini if not a major heart attack;

1. Members were made to eat grass to prove that anything can feed the body.


2. Women were told to attend church without underwear and bras so that God can enter them directly.


3.  A woman in this South African church was told to get into a freezer for 30 minutes and ‘true’ to his word she said it was hot in there.


4. Pastor told single women to get naked then he kissed their bums so that they could get husbands, giving new meaning to the phrase “Eating the booty like groceries”.

5. Pastor asked the congregation to suck his privates because it contained holy milk.


Honestly, as Christians we need to do better, the shepherd leading the flock should strive to uphold the Lord’s name, and the flock should not easily be misled. It’s 2018 people! Style up.

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