How far will you go to give him an Orgasm?

Apparently men have a G-spot.

Apparently, the male g-spot is in the prostate. Yeah, ladies, the thing that’s the size of a walnut seems to stimulate a man and get his eyes to go all the way up. Question is: how far are you willing to go to give him an orgasm?

1. Find the G-spot first ladies

Yess. You need to locate his sensitive stimulating parts first before you know what really makes his toes curl in pleasure. So you might be surprised to discover this special place is actually located inside of the male prostate (moment of silence please) which is located under the man’s bladder. When you start to seek it out, proceed with caution and don’t go too hard, too fast and don’t poke and prod ladies. but instead, caress and stroke. Press gently. Use feather-light touches. Although I must warn you, trying to find that prostate, is like finding a needle in a haystack.


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2. How to gently stimulate it

So this is a shocker to most of us women, who never knew that that’s where your mans G-spot is. Your man may be a tad bit uncomfortable at first, but I guess there is something new to learn about sex every day huh? So you can stimulate his anus slowly and lightly. Feel free to use lube while trying to locate that prostate and apply pressure with your fingers. Keep in mind that he is enjoying this and boom! you hear your man moaning in pleasure.

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3. Use toys

Yes! there are male sex toys made specifically for this. If you’re a tad bit hesitant on sticking your finger up your mans umh ass, it’s time to go shopping! Start small with toys and ease your way into him (see what i did there?) If you can’t reach his G-spot, then the toy will definitely be a guide as to how far or how close it is for your finger to touch.

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4. Massage it

Just the way you let your man massage your clit, you do have to return the favour one way or another. Pat on his prostate with your finger pad back and forth, not up and down. Or have gently poke at it. Go easy for one small mishap can cause him great pain and discomfort.

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5. Observe cleanliness!

Before you agree to stick your finger up your mans booty hole, PLEASE tell him to clean up real good. You don’t want remnants of faeces on your fingernails and all that shit. This is just gross. So if you’re ready to go down the rabbit hole with your man, he should at least clean himself. Yeah?

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Okay. I am officially a virgin at this point. Not many women would dare go down this road. As far as they’re concerned, giving him good head and sucking his balls gives him more than enough pleasure. Anything outside this is just daring. Am I right? Would you finger your man though? food for thought.

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