Demonizing Ruto While Sanitizing Uhuru is Senseless, Both are Same

There is no sense in supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta and fighting his Deputy William Ruto. They collectively drafted a manifesto in 2013 and did it again in 2017 which lured Kenyans into voting them in.

The biggest portion of their manifesto has not been implemented. It is wrong to castigate Ruto in this and sanitize his boss while it is clear that both are answerable to Kenyans.

They are one and the same thing.

But Raila Odinga now supports Uhuru, claims that Uhuru is an angel while Ruto who is Uhuru’s deputy in Jubilee and at the Presidency is a devil incarnate.

In other words, both Uhuru and Ruto have not changed. They have not apologized nor have they been punished for the billions that Kenya has lost.

Both Hon. Boni Khalwale and Aisha Jumwa support Ruto who is Uhuru’s deputy.

Isn’t Raila the chief flip-flopper and betrayer in this situation because he is supporting a man who allegedly stole his victory and maimed his supporters? Why are zombies attacking Jumwa and Khalwale but not Raila?

You cannot support the Jubilee president and oppose his deputy. You either fight against both and demonstrate your liberation credentials or you embrace or both and prove that you are a cowardly flip-flopper.

Those of us who opposed the electoral fraud by Uhuru and Ruto in 2017 and have remained steadfast in pursuing electoral justice and social justice have not changed.

We will fight for freedom until victory is achieved!

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