Size 8 reveals lady behind her success

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The ‘pale pale’ hitmaker, Size 8, is a well-known Gospel musician who transformed from secular music. Through her Instagram account, she revealed that she has not been successful all by her self but by the help of fellow Gospel musician, Evelyne Wanjiru.

Sharing Wanjiru’s photo, she said; “She is beautiful in and out… my covenant sister she calls me like this and my heart brightens even brighter. God is using her to mentor me into a whole new journey of music. She is made to sing for God to the whole world. I call her an international gospel singer. Love you sis.”

Wanjiru hit the gospel world with her award-winning song, waweza,and Tulia. When Size 8 transformed from secular music, she gave out all she had that was associated with the past.

“I gave out the car and gave up the log book. When I started out in the Gospel world I had to let go of a lot of things because I didn’t get them from the right channel. I was given a test to see if I will let go of those things and follow Christ.

Someone led me to the book of Mark that said ‘Whatever you leave behind to follow Christ you get a hundred percent back. I gave up my crown and Size 8 will go down hata waende kwa uchawi because I laid down my crown for God,”she narrated.

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She then went on to add that whatever wealth she held on to after getting saved she lost it all; “Everything I held on iliisha yote na mamangu, na my late mum kumpeleka hosi.  I wish even that I would have helped a children’s home. I took my car and my keys and logbook and called someone and told them to come for my car, the logbook and the keys before I changed my mind.”

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