Orengo showers Joho with praises, rebrands him into a lion

Siaya senator James Orengo has expressed his confidence in Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho who is serving his last term in office.

Joho who has expressed his interest in 2022 presidency on Monday received praises from Orengo during an Iftar meal in Mombasa organised by the governor.

Orengo further described Joho as a lion.

The renowned lawyer hailed the political prowess of the governor, saying that when Joho starts moving around the country, Deputy President Willam Ruto will be consigned to oblivion.

“I know my deputy party leader Hassan Ali Joho, I want to wish you all the best in this Republic of Kenya. You are a lion. If you go to Siaya, everybody recognises Joho. Everywhere in this country, people recognise Joho. Ruto is gallivanting but when my brother Joho starts moving around the country, Ruto will go to sleep for eternity,”

Orengo called on Joho to stick with Raila, expressing confidence in a 2022 victory.

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