KARIBU CHAI!! Other Interesting Flavours of Tea you should Try out

zumi teaThe one common thing Kenyans have or love to take other than ugali, kachumbari na kanyama is tea. Tea is a symbolic beevrage to all Kenyans as it is a welcoming sign. Often when you visit someone, the common phrase you hear is “Karibu chai.”

It is indeed a Kenyan tradition.

Many people grew up on it and they still can not stay a day without it. It is safe to say that we are addicted to the tantalizing sweet aroma of freshly brewed tea.

Here are some of the healthiest flavors to try out.
1. Ginger.

Ginger tea is good for nausea, soothes pain,reduces bloating and relieves menstrual pain.

Ginger Tea Zumi

2. Masala

We all love to drink masala tea but did you know it comes with fantastic health benefits? Masala tea aids in digestion, stimulates appetite, and protects from the cold.



Chamomile tea is soothing and helps with diabetes, treats cuts and wounds, fights cancer and promotes healthy skin.

Zumi chamomile tea


4. Mint

Mint tea is a very popular tea in Morocco. Its is easy to make and it helps with weight loss by reducing appetite, improved breath and boosts the immune system.

Zumi mint tea
5. Lemon

Lemon tea is one of the most popular teas in Kenya because the ingredients are readily available. All you need is hot water, lemon slices and tea. The health benefits of drinking it are: detoxification, boosts energy and aids in digestion.


6. Caramel

If you are a sweet tooth, then this is the right tea for you. Caramel a.k.a “sukari ngutu” is sugar that is heated until it turns brown. The caramel is added to the tea, sweetening it. You do not need to add any more sugar because a little goes a long way.

Zumi tea caramel

Which flavours have you tried?

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