Having Trouble Drinking Water? This Is What You Can Do

The song about the benefits of water will never become old until the whole world drinks the appropriate amount of water everyday.

It has been said time in memorial that an adult required to take a minimum of two litres of water in a day for smooth running of the bodily systems.  Systems including your skin, liver detoxification, for an increase of metabolic rate…. in short the cleansing of every cell of the body.

If this doesn’t happen that’s when we start experiencing the formation of wrinkles, constipation, tiredness and in extreme situations, one could die because the body systems are full of toxins that it is poisoning itself.

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Water is the best thing you can put in your body, yet so many of us ignore it throughout the day. sometimes it can be hard to down the whole recommended eight glasses, so you have to make a way to take the eight glasses by any means possible.

Some of the hacks you could employ include, 


1.Drink a glass before each meal

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When you’re trying to drink more water, you don’t want to start gulping down more than you’re comfortable with. That may work for a few days, but ultimately it’s not a sustainable effort.


2. Try adding natural flavours your water

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Many experts recommend drinking lemon water first thing in the morning as it is a great morning habit.  Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon when you wake up.


Mint leaves, fresh strawberries and orange, lemon or cucumber slices are best enjoyed when served chilled.


3. Invest a decent water bottle and put it in a visible place so it can be a constant reminder that you need to drink water. 

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Life hacker suggests taking your water bottle usage to the next level by coming up with your own timed drinking goals and marking it on the bottle. Get some tape or a label maker and start marking how much water you’d like to drink by a certain time every day.

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