FROM THE DESK OF HUDDAH MONROE: 4 Things we can take away from the Renown BusinessWoman


From a Contestant at Big Brother Africa, to a Socialite and now a Business Boss Lady, Kenya’s Very Own Huddah Monroe aka The Boss Chick  has done it all!

She also happens to be a lady who always has opinions on very many different things. Though she types totally unrelatable captions under her posts, we have to say, they make mad sense! Sis is onto something, she should write a motivational book. Though this piece will come with a bit of friction, here are 4 Huddah quotes that totally make sense;

1. Social Media life isn’t real.

On one of her Instagram photos, she captioned;

“Common sense is not so common Nowadays. If you don’t post on social media they assume your life is f**** up! And that You ain’t got s***! LMFAO! Your Wealth/ success is Measured by what you post on Social Media these days?! …..We live in a f*** up society only Jesus can save us!”


2. Don’t have an opinion about me if you do not add any value to my life.

This is a shout out to all gossipy sisters, you have to stop, please! Abeg!

“Soooo since you have an opinion about my life …. which one of my bills will you be paying this month?”


3. Keep your head up Sis! You’re a queen.

Of course, Huddah has to spritz us with a bit of black girl magic to brighten our days.

“EVERY woman is a QUEEN! Just depends on how you carry out your title..”

4. Do unto others what you’d like to be done unto you.

This one is pretty self-explanatory;

“Wishing bad on others shows a lack of self-awareness and self-love. What you feel and project into the universe about others always results in the quality of your own life.
When you learn to conserve your vital energy on evolving, you really won’t have time to think negatively about anyone.”


Thank you Huddah for those words of wisdom.

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