Atwoli prompts MP to seek his mental report from Mathari Hospital

COTU boss Dr Francis Atwoli has been hitting headlines over his political utterances that he fearlessly make in public. A few months ago, Atwoli hit the headlines when he publicly said that Deputy President Dr William Ruto’s name will not be on the ballot come 2022.

It was not even two weeks when he again hit the headlines declaring that people from Central Kenya are ‘washenzi’. Washenzi is the term common with him, which he uses to abuse the people he is not happy with.

During this year’s labour day celebrations at Uhru Park, Atwoli was again accused of turning the workers’ day into a political rally.

Several Kenyans seem not to be happy with Atwoli’s statements.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri now says he has written to the Mathari Mental Hospital administration over the mental health status of Atwoli.

In a press conference in Nakuru on Saturday, the lawmaker questioned Atwoli’s recent political remarks, especially his unending attacks on the DP, which have landed him under sharp criticism.

The MP said that he is seeking to know if the latter has had some mental problems that might be influencing his remarks, and will be collecting the results next week.

“I have written to Mathari Hospital and I will be going to collect Atwoli’s mental report next week,” he said.

Ngunjiri now wants an official statement on the sanity of the trade unionist, which he said will be used to tie him to the ground in the instance that his prediction flops in 2022.

“Tunataka kujua kama yuko normal ili asije akasema akili yake haikuwa sawa aliposema haya.”

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