Why jails are for other Kenyans and not politicians?

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It has been noted that a Kenyan politician will incite ,do all sort of stuff and even dare the authorities to arrest him but soon as 24 hours are out they will be released under all sorts of dubious excuses begging the question, are jails for other Kenyans ?

Activist Boni Mwangi has laid it down that true Kenyan jails are for poor and mostly innocent people who can’t afford to bribe or hire a lawyer.

“Is there a single corrupt person or even a crooked politician serving time in jail? No. In Kenya’s 54 years history, we don’t send rich crooks and evil politicians to jail,” he explained.

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Boniface Mwangi

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has currently directed police to expedite investigations on the fake gold scandal implicating dubious businessmen and influential government and political leaders after leaked audio surfaced.

In the audio widely shared on social media, a voice many believe is for Senator Moses Wetangula can be heard on in heated telephone conversation with a ‘client’ presumably from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), demanding to know the status of what is believed to be a gold deal.

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This is after reports indicated that a senior member of the royal family in Dubai was swindled of hundreds of millions of dollars with no gold delivered as promised in the shady deal that is turning out to be one of the biggest in recent times.

However its already insinuated that the Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula has now taken refuge in China as the case heats up.

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Sen Moses Wetangula

According to reports, Senator Wetangula is part of a House delegation to Hong Kong, according to Senate Speaker Keneth Lusaka.

“He is out of the country on Senate business in Hong Kong,” said Lusaka.

Do you think the law ill catch up to him and possibly even convict him?

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