Why Raila has Decided to Keep Off Opposition Issues Until 2022

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has of late been silent on opposition issues since early last year following a handshake with Preisdent Uhuru Kenyatta.

Makadara Member of Parliament George Aladwa has defended opposition leader Raila Odinga’s silence claiming that the same will continue.

Speaking on Saturday, Aladwa who doubles up as ODM chair for Nairobi County, said that the former Prime Minister is not interested in opposition matters for now.

He added that until the 2022 general elections come, Raila will remain focused on his party leadership position and his new African Union Special Representative for Infrastructure job.

“Wale wanaongoja aongee wajue hataongea, Raila yuko na kazi yake ya chama na Afrika na atafanya hizo kwanza hadi 2022 (Those waiting for him to speak should know that he won’t, he has his job at the party and in Africa and that is what he will be doing until 2022),” he said.

The vocal MP was speaking on Radio Jambo’s Mazungumzo Waziwazi show on Saturday morning.

However, Raila has been seen contributing to the 2022 presidential race debate, and has repeatedly been seen rubbishing Deputy President William Ruto’s bid.

But at the same time, he has remained silent on his future plans and is yet to give shiny on whether or not he will be on the ballot, for the fifth time.

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