HERE’S THE TEA: All you need to know about your man’s Mjulus

Most ladies will agree that the key to a good relationship…..involves how he performs in bed….along with his package of course.

Well, here’s a surprise turn of events. Prepare to be mind blown and the way things are looking, some of you will be packing their bags and taking the next flight to Congo. You’ll see why. So here’s a list of surprising facts about the D , not even your mans knew about.

1. So the D stops growing when a man is in his early 20’s

Well, if you’ve been asking yourselves whether your mans dick increases in size as he ages, sorry to burst your bubble ladies but if your man is over 20 years, rest well with the knowing that his meat ain’t gonna grow any longer. What you see now and then, is what you get.

2. His shoe size doesn’t determine dick size ladies

So if he keeps bragging about how big his feet are and hinting that his meat is the same size, please give him a reality check. Probably, his feet are just really big and his dick is half the size of his feet.

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3. Approximately 600 million men end up in the ER for injuries incurred from sex toys

Uhm. Is there a lack of females in your area ama ya’ll just find plastic more sensual than actual coochie? I’ll just leave this here.

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4. Men in the republic of Congo are reported to have the largest Dicks

So, for those of you who are suckers (literally) for this , I suggest you head on over to Congo and have a conversation with the men there.

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5. Every year an average of 200 men, break their D’s.

Hmmm and what exactly were you doing for this to happen? Ladies are you the reason your mans D is broken?

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6. Largest D is 13.5 inches

Ouch! that must hurt au sio? Most women would definitely enjoy taking this in.

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7. Red meat and dairy result in the worst tasting semen

Men, I hope ya’ll are reading this too. Do something!

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8. Average sex last 2 minutes and 50 seconds

We beg to differ yes? Unless, most of you women have experienced this. It’s absolutely normal for sex to last that short. I mean, soon after is when the real games begin. For some men that is.

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So, when you’re reading this , be sure to tell your mans too. Everyday we learn something new about ourselves and our mans too. Did you know about this? Or like me, it;s your first time? Whats your take ?

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