Do women love it when men slap their ‘Cats’ ?

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Porn has indisputably given large portions of the population new sex things to try and enjoy, like shaving their crotches, doing anal and taking jizz shots to the face. But occasionally there are still those lingering sex acts that don’t seem to go completely mainstream, if only because people aren’t quite sure it’s real or if it’s just a porn thing. One of those things seems to be slapping the cat.

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Cat slapping, also called clit slapping, clit smacking, vagina slapping, and clit tapping, is pretty much what it sounds like. Though one might get the visual image of an open-handed slap on the cat as if it were a face, that’s not quite the way it goes.

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It can involve the head of a dick slapping the clit, a hand, a finger, or objects such as rulers, or for more advanced kinksters, a whip or belt. In some porn, it’s related to squirting. Whether or not women can have an orgasm from this act may be debatable, but given the fact that women have fewer orgasms on average than men, it can’t hurt to try.

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Of course, we have no idea how many people slap the cat. It could be happening thousands of times a day the world over. But there are no hard slap statistics on the rotation of this move in the sexual repertoire.

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