Lawyer Ahmednasir Asks DCI to Place Frustrated Wetangula on Suicide Watch

Ford Kenya Party Leader Moses Wetangula has been caught in a fake gold scandal with the Dubai royal family.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi now wants the state to give  Wetangula 24-hour police protection as part of suicide watch.

DCI George Kinoti on Thursday said detectives will grill Wetangula and a host of politicians over a possible link to Sh400 million fake gold scandal. A leaked audit from Dubai has directly implicated the politician.

“He is a person of interest and we shall be interrogating him and all others mentioned to determine their degree of involvement,” said Mr Kinoti.

At least 15 people have been arrested over links to the fake gold. In an audio recording, whose authenticity is yet to be ascertained, Wetangula is heard pleading with Saudi Royal’s representative for more time to affect the transaction.

And on his Twitter, Ahmednasir says the trolls directed to Wetangula on social media could affect him psychologically. He pleads to have security surveillance around him.

“When I see the vitriol, vile & violent abuse Senator Watengula is receiving in the GOLD SCAM saga, I get a distinct impression that he needs 24 hours police protection…not to protect him…but to ensure that he doesn’t take his life,” he said.

Senator Wetangula’s aide Chris Mandu said the Bungoma legislator committed no offense, adding that he’s also a victim of the fake gold scam, having lost millions of money as well.

“It’s very unfortunate that some people are now trying to politicize the whole matter in which the senator lost huge amounts of money,” Mr. Mandu said.

A leaked audio is one of the evidences linking the Bungoma Senator with the syndicate;

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