“Umevaa kama devil worshipper” Kenyan ladies ignore Bachelor Ringtone

Kenyan ladies have distanced themselves from wife-seeking Ringtone after he announced he is praying and fasting to get a wife.

Ringtone announced that he is praying for 3 consecutive days and even revealed the qualities he wants in a wife.

The Singer says that he is looking for a God fearing, Prayerful and hardworking woman who will be a solution to his bachelor life  ‘frustration’.

In his Instagram timeline, Ringtone shared a video of him at  Olive’s prayer center and donned a red robe that some of his fans this is suspicious.

Some of the ladies on the timeline claim that the red robe is scary and makes him look like a devil worshipper.

Others have expressed their suspicion over the church he is attending as others simply blasted him for his desperate need for attention.

A couple of weeks ago, his fans had warned him that he will not get a wife unless he acts mature enough and stops with the publicity games.

Have a look at the reactions

Ubaya umevaa kama devil worshiper I could have tagged my pretty self but men this one here scares many girls away not just me 😂😂


Wamekataa hii dini ya msambwa 😭


Hiyo ni church ipi kwanza…??


Sasa wewe.. si utoe ngoma kali do i catch attention ya watu si story za ooooh am fasting oooh tag single oooo this ooooh that wacha kutafta publicity na private life yako…… Katiana ama chukua moja kwa Streets osha yeye ukue na bibi

Image result for you want to marry me meme


Ja Polo yaye😂😂😂 asande Yesu Asande mwami…


How many woman do you want to marry,ama unataka kuwafanyisha interview Kwanza?Mimi am an added bonus I can sing,so we will be singing singing in that house …


Unakaa mfarisayo kaka 😂😂 wacha nikusakie mgalatia Mfine ….



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