Meet the keeper who has opted to heed to God’s call

Watford goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes will become a pastor once his stint with English Premier League side Watford FC comes to a close after the FA Cup final.

Gomes has not appeared in the Premier League this season but he has played all the cup matches and is expected to start tomorrow and has his next move sorted out.

“I am prepared. I got a call-up from God to be a pastor, so maybe I am going to be a pastor. There has been a change [in me] in the last few years. This [faith] inside of me came more and more. It can be an opportunity for me to pass this on to other people who need it as well.

“In faith, God starts to talk to you, ‘I want you to serve me in this way’.  When it becomes closer to the time, it becomes more and more inside of you. In the last two years, it has been very strong inside of me, so maybe this can happen.

“Even if I plan for a long time to finish [playing now], I haven’t decided yet. I am saying this because it can happen at the end of this season, but I want to finish the season and speak to my family as well. I have got a few plans to make. I want to be involved in football as well,” Gomez said at the start of the week.

Watford boss Javi Gracia though will attempt to convince the 38-year-old goalkeeper to spend one final season.

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