I am David Ndii and I do Not Have a Huduma Namba, Resist

It is unfortunate that the government has resorted to using threats, propaganda and lies to compel Kenyans to register for the controversial Huduma Namba. In fact many Kenyans are taking the registration not because of the services that they will get from it but because of fear of what will happen after Registration.

Kenyans are waking up as early as 3AM just to go and queue, yet the government has refused to state clearly why Kenyans need these numbers. Yes, no reason whatsoever apart from Matiang’i saying you will not be able to get government services.

It is for this reason that Economist David Ndii has been rallying Kenyans on social media not to bow to pressure and resist this Huduma Namba nonsense.

There is just a lot not being said about this Huduma Namba. Why is the government so hell-bent on pushing Kenyans to register instead of following the court orders which said that registration is not compulsory?

Kenyans are being forced to register but we still don’t know when the cards will come out. Why use six billion on a project that has no direction?

A government that does not respect the rule of law is a dictator government. Jubilee should remember that power belongs to the people na siku moja Wananchi watachukua sheria Mikononi.

Those ones who have taken Huduma Namba can wait for services, they should leave the rest of us alone. Maybe we could be deported to Canada like Miguna Miguna. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

We are not boarding! #ResistHudumaNamba

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