Beauty Therapy Insurance, Would You Consider Such An Investment?

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While people are struggling to get themselves a basic health policy, others are looking into investing in their appearance while in hospital.

It’s not a bad thing afterall, it’s quite thoughtful because Jubilee Insurance medical policyholders who are admitted for over three days at selected hospitals will enjoy beauty treatments upon being discharged.

Patients who opt not to indulge in the beauty treatments will have the option of getting a free Uber ride back home.

The services have been rolled out at Aga Khan University Hospital and shall be available at Nairobi Hospital, MP Shah Hospital and The Mater Hospital in the next few weeks.

Speaking during the launch of the service, Jubilee Insurance CEO, Julius Kipng’etich said the company will leverage on the connection between the mind, body, spirit and emotion to enhance the overall well-being of our members.

“This is part of humanising insurance services. People do not remember what you do to them at their highest, but at their lowest. We just want to reach out at fellow human beings at their point of need and make their recovery process less painful as possible,”  said Julius Kipng’etich, Jubilee Insurance CEO.

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“Our nurses will decide who will receive which beauty therapies. The massage services particularly will help patients with neuropathy and orthopaedic ailments,” said the Aga Khan Hospital CEO, Shekar Iyer said.

Ashley’s CEO, Terry Mungai, said that that the service, which will be given to patients before they are discharged, will improve a patient’s hospital experience.

“This helps such patients cope and boost their self-esteem, this is about taking that whole hospital experience to another level,” she said.

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