‘All my back nerves died,’ Evelyn Wanjiru cry struggles

Many celebrities have been had tough experiences about weight loss and how much their self- esteem was affected by too much weight.

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Some of the celebrities Anerlisa Muigai, Yvonne Okwara, Kalekye Mumo among others.

Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru has also opened up about how her undying need for a ‘perfect body’ left her paralyzed and hospitalized for a year.

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According to her, the need to be slim to fit in with her peers saw her push herself to the limit.

“I tried to lose weight by exercising using a roller at only age 16, because I wanted to fit in. At one point, my legs become paralyzed.”

Everlyn added,

“I used to read the bible while in hospital but I still felt like my life had ended because I could not do anything for myself.”

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In conclusion, Everlyn advises,

If you use the roller, the wrong way it can kill your nerves. That is what happened to me, all my back nerves died.

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I had to undergo Physiotherapy because I was ill for a year. It was a miracle [that i recovered]. That is why I did my song ‘Waweza’.

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