Akothee reveals her lonely life in bed

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Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee madam boss has released yet another spanking new hit.

The mother of five has dedicated her new song to her ‘baby’ and the video is just exotic.

Akothee is not well much known in the music world but from her lie of lifestyle which makes her the talk of the town.

Her music is unique which makes it difficult to cluster it with the known groups of afro beats and Kenyan tune.

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However, some of her fans think she is copying Nigerian tune which is famous across Africa.

Her new song is called Muje which is talking of her lover asking him to get ready for ‘marriage’.

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The eye-catching moments in the video is where she rocked the controversial attire that made her face an online war with moral police Dr. Ezekiel Mutua.

Her raunchy performance in Malindi that shocked the nation in February made her white attire popular and she just rocked the same clothes in the video.

She also looks so lonely and has no male video vixen in all the bedroom shots. The ‘Muje’ she is talking about is not seen in the whole video which makes it look like a fantasy.

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Here is the video;

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