Why Matilda of TRHK is not in a rush for marriage…

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Different people have different views and opinions about marriage depending on their experiences as well as their upbringing.

Well, Real House helps of Kawangware actress Matilda has revealed that she is not in a rush to get married. According to her, marriage is not an institution to be rushed into.

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The sassy TV damsel addressed this topic during a live video interaction on social media after a majority of her fans raised the question whether she is married or not.

‘Why do people feel like marriage is easy? I have never been married before but thing I am sure of is that marriage is not an easy thing.

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Marriage is a serious commitment it is not something you just wake and make a decision about.

I will get married when I want.

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She continued, “I cannot get married or have kids just because people want me to do so.

If I rush getting married and get into problems will the people asking me to get married now, help me out?”

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Matilda’s fans also wondered if she was a mother

No I am not a mother, yet. Most people confuse me with my fellow actress Njambi because she is the one who is a mother of one.

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