Why Did Brutal Machakos Rapists Do That?

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Police are appalled at the manner in which a Machakos woman was found raped before being brutally killed.

The woman who is said to have been living alone in Kalama location in Machakos was found Thursday morning half-naked.

Slain Murang’a GK Prison warder Pauline

What’s more, area Chief Muithi Mutisya said the woman, who was living with a disability, was found dead with crutches inserted into her genitalia.

The body was transferred to Machakos Level 5 Hospital, with preliminary police reports indicating she was raped before being killed.

Her close neighbours live just 10 metres away from her.

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The murder comes in the wake of widespread murders which have happened in the past week including that of a prison warder in Murang’a.

Ms  Pauline Ngoi Wangari’s decomposing body was discovered in Kiharu estate after what police believe to be a murder that took place in her house.

A CCTV footage has since revealed that a person clocked in the house at 9 pm and left the premise at 3 am stealing the TV set and Pauline’s purse.


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