“Watu wanamwaga watoto wewe unamwaga moshene” Ringtone’s congratulation to Diana’s Pregnancy goes wrong

Gospel Singer Ringtone is on the receiving end after he posted his congratulatory message to Bahati and his wife in regard to the pregnancy.

The Singer is known to react to almost everything that goes on in the gospel music industry and even in the secular as well.

Ringtone had a couple weeks gone hard on Bahati concerning his hairstyle but it seems like the news of Diana’s  pregnancy got to him too.

The artiste in a seemingly exciting post  congratulated the couple saying that Bahati should not feel safe because with Diana being pregnant, there is no way she will run away.


👏👏👏CONGRATULATIONS TO @bahatikenya@diana_marua for the pregnancy. BAHATI now you are safe she cant run away she is yours now ONGEZA WA TATU. IN FOOTBALL 3:0 is a good scoreline.👏👏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌🙌

His post however triggered several reactions from Kenyans with some urging him to quickly get a wife and make an effort of getting children too.

A Kenyan musician Nebulaz also says that it is high time for Ringtone to get someone pregnant.

Just a week ago, Ringtone announced his search for a wife and expressed his frustration of his efforts being fruitless.

Despite his earlier frustration, seems like this pregnancy news is something that got him in high spirit too and he urges the couple to get a baby number 3 after the second one is born.


Have a look at some of the reactions


Ringtone Ringtone Ringtone……. Itabidi sasa wewe upeane mimba… Tafadhali peana mimba ndugu Alex Apoko


@nebulazzkenya😂 😂 I’m dead


Watu wanamwaga watoto wewe unamwaga moshene


Jitahidi kama Baha😂😂😂😂


Pia wewe peana mimba tukwambie *congratulations* punguza kelele😂😂😂


@shantel_sabrina mgei chance fungua paja chuma moja yaja😂😂


He can now speak good English ,he just pretends at times to create attention nkt


Ataongezaje wa tatu ka hajajifungua huyu😂😂😂😂😂😂


Ata wapate watano….kama walikua wakuachana wataachana tu…👏👏👏


Mlifanya tabia mbaya nyinyi😲😕


Na wewe ata bibi huna😂😂😂😂

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