Second Hand Weaves Are What Nairobi Women Have Taken Up

Weaves and wigs have become the trend, every woman wants to protect their hair now that we all decided to go natural.

We will call it survival for the fittest, this jungle of Nairobi people have decided that they will have to look like Akothe in her 100k wig. Since we cannot afford 100k in one purchase we just go for a second hand weaves. Yes! the recycled ones.

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It is now booming business, women are making money from the trash. According to a local publication, the vendors go for the tossed weaves at BestLady, Kenya Cinema, Re-insurance plaza where many ladies go to make their hair.

 When they remove the weave from one lady who thinks it’s old, the put them together and the vendors from korochocho will come and collect them at a price of sh800.

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The collected weaves are then washed, dried, trimmed and then apply some product to make it appealing to their customers. A total of 100 women are earning a living from this trade, using the proceeds to provide for their families. The weaves go for as little as Sh. 200 depending on the type and length.

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