Rt. colonel Oguna says how NIIMS registration will boost security

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It yet a new dawn for retired colonel Cyrus Oguna who has just made his first briefing as the new spokes person of the government after taking over from Eric Kiraithe.

Delighted to have been given the position,he expressed that from now on he should be referred to as retired colonel Cyrus Oguna.

He spoke vastly about Kenya’s growth in the digital sector, pointing to a trip in which President Uhuru Kenyatta travelled to Rwanda to launch a digital project.

Oguna has said the country has no choice but to embrace the growing digital economy.

The ongoing Huduma Namba registration was also part of his speech, saying the Government was committed to use the listing to revamp service delivery.

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Oguna said that the process of registering Kenyans under NIIMS will reduce identity theft and make financial and property transactions more secure.

He said that over 32 million Kenyans have so far registered in the ongoing Huduma Namba registration.

Oguna has asked those who are yet to be registered to do so, saying there will be no time extension.

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