‘My body got puffed, i was unrecognisable,’ Diana Marua opens up on Pregnancy struggles

Diana during her pregnancy with baby Heaven (@gregcomplementpictures)

Every mother has a story to tell about their first-time pregnancy experiences which in most cases were not the best.

Diana and Bahati during their first pregnancy (greg_complementpictures•)

Gospel Artiste Kevin Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has for the first time revealed the struggles she went through in her first pregnancy carrying Baby Heaven.

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Diana Marua said that her first pregnancy was difficult because she gained a lot of Weight she had pimples, her skin darkened and she suffered from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction a condition that made her pelvic joints stiff.

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My body was so puffed, I was unrecognizable. I had pimples, my skin darkened and my nose grew so big. I tried everything to get rid of the acne and things got worse.

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I learnt that the changes were hormonal and there was nothing I could do. I also got Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and it got to a point where I couldn’t move so I had to drag myself around. Peeing was also painful,” she confessed to True Love Magazine.

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In addition, people judged the Christian couple for getting a kid out of wedlock because though they had a traditional ceremony, they didn’t solemnize their marriage in a church.

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“We have not had a church wedding. When I got pregnant, we held a traditional ceremony and we let the family know we have plans to wed in future. We made a decision to have Heaven. It happened and we will let God judge us,” Bahati’s fiancée said.

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The celebrity couple is again awaiting a bundle of joy after Bahati revealed that Diana Marua is expecting a second baby.


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Been Working Hard😋.. I thank God for Another Blessing Coming 😍😍😍 Just Comment “CONGRATULATIONS DIANA” @diana_marua ❤️

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Congratulations Diana Marua!!

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