Guardian Angel promotes patriotism in new song ‘Kenya’


Gospel Musician Guardian Angel has partnered with the Permanent Presidential Music Commission to drop a new track promoting patriotism.

His new song ‘Kenya’ calls of people of different class and gender to come together and unite to build the nation.

Guardian Angel urged Kenyan to stop attacking leaders but instead purpose to be agents of change in the society.

The Singer portrays Kenya as a home for all and  God’s very own land.

“This song is a reminder to my fellow country men that God loves Kenya and it’s a beautiful country. Despite the many challenges we have, Kenya is still a blessed country with many opportunities, a rich history and very hardworking citizens. We should continue to pray and work hard to make it a better place for us and generations to come. “

He also emphasizes on the fact that change requires a combined effort and is not just a task that can be accomplished by one man.

Guardian Angel’s message from this song is to also mobilize Kenyans to ‘subscribe’ to the call of peace, love and unity.

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The video features President Kenyatta and West Pokot Governor John Lunyangapuo whose remarks went viral and hit the trends for days.

The music video portrays the Kenyan beauty and the African set-up of fertile land with potential of being a  great resource that can be utilized to fuel development.

‘Kenya’ is   a well executed song  and the concept and message speaks volumes to the nation since it fuels the spirit of patriotism.

Have a look at the song


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