Greedy Muslims busted eating during Ramadan Fast


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During this Holy Month of Ramadhan, Muslims are required to stay away from food and water.

However,80 Muslims accused of eating in public, rather than fasting from dawn to sunset as Muslims are required to do during their holy month of Ramadan were arrested for breaking the Islamic Sharia.

Islamic Sharia police in northern Nigeria’s Kano known as Hisbah, say the people were arrested at different times across the city of Kano in the past couple of days.

The Hisbah spokesman in Kano state, said that all those arrested were Muslims and officers do not target non-Muslims because they are not bound by Islamic law.

He said some of those arrested told the Sharia office that they were eating because they did not sight the Ramadan crescent themselves while others feigned sickness, but the authorities found their excuses baseless.

The 80 were admonished and released because they were ”first-time offenders”, he added.

They were warned that if they were caught again, they would be taken to court. The Hisbah say they will continue with their patrols throughout Ramadan with a view to arresting Muslims who do not observe the fast.

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Kano state is one of the several states in northern Nigeria where Sharia law was re-introduced since 2000.

Sharia law is being implemented partially along with the country’s secular law.

The Ramadan fast is compulsory for all adult Muslims but some categories of people such as those who are seriously ill are not required to fast.


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