Baringo Youths Demands ‘Kitu Kidogo’ before Registering for Huduma Namba

As the rest of the country troops to Huduma Namba centers to beat the registration deadline set Saturday, Youths in Baringo are not buying the same after they demand to be paid before they can register for the exercise.

Most of the registration centers in the region remained ‘Youth deserted’ with only the elderly queuing up for registrations. Reports indicate that those who turned down the exercise are youths mostly between the ages of 18-28. They claimed lack of identity cards, birth certificates and passports as the main reason for them not registering.

What surprised many in the region is that most of the youths usually demand bribes from the registration officers in order to have their details taken. Most believe their data are private and cannot be made public to the government.

Despite this being the last days for registration, many in the region are going on with their daily activities with many busy tending their shambas, others looking after their cattle and businesses going on as usual. Most of the registration officers in the region are now idle waiting for the deadline date to vacate the empty registration centers.


This comes at a time when Huduma centers across the country are experiencing long ques of Kenyans wanting to beat the Saturday’s deadline. On Monday the Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i, said that the May 18, 2019 deadline for the mass registration exercise will not be extended.

The CS also said Huduma Namba registration centres will remain open for extended hours 6am to 6pm to allow more Kenyans to register.

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Dr Matiang’i said that when the mass registration exercise concludes, the registration kits will be handed to Assistant Chiefs where anyone who will not have registered will not be able to do so. However, many of those who spoke to the members of the press urged the government to extend registration time.

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