Are all Education ministers difficult, or is Sossion the problem?

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Secretary General Wilson Sossion has had problems with nearly all Education ministers that have been appointed in his tenure.

Amid his altercation with current Education CS George Magoha, Sossion’s threats are beginning to sound like a norm.

Mr Sossion has threatened a teachers’ strike following his differences with Magoha, whom he has called “arrogant” and has recommended his removal through a constitutional amendment.

“The minister of Education has been very unfortunate, with a chain of arrogant ministers,” said Sossion.

What is this species of the Magohas of this world who are arrogant, and we even don’t know where they come from?” he posed.

Well, a number of Kenyans online find that Sossion is as much a problem as the Education ministers whom he has severally faulted.

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