A Celebrity Says Has Not Had S’*X For Almost 2 Decades

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It’s uncommon to find a young, rich energetic and famous man leading a celibate life in this age. You can tell from the group of young musicians who keep on hitting headlines for infidelity in marriage, getting babies out of wedlock and even dating a series of women.

However, there is one African musician who claimed that he has led a celibate life for a whopping 17 years.  Clive Malungaa legendary artiste revealed that the last time he was involved in intimacy was back in 2002 before he divorced his wife.

The Zimbabwean musician who is now 59 said that he is currently committed to schoolwork claimed that he has no time for women. He quit it in his 40s.

I call this discipline because he has everything that can attract women to him but he chose celibacy. Besides being a musician Dziva owns a culture centre where he promotes African culture.

“I am currently doing my Masters in Business Administration (degree) with Great Zimbabwe University,” Malunga told local Media house

“It is time for educating our minds than wasting time having sex.”

The musician, however, discouraged men from divorcing wives claiming that it was only him who was unlucky in marriage.

“I think I am unlucky in marriage. To all men, get me correctly here, I am not saying leave your wives, no, but I am just honestly telling you that I have a bad luck in marriage, hence decided to stay single for life with my children.”

“So  I am now just staying and educating my children who are now respecting me more because they now know that our father is an organised parent and he is a father,” he said.

In Kenya, the only person who spoke of leading a celibate life is Robert Burale who also divorce his wife a couple of years ago.’

In 2017, Burale said that the last time he was involved with a woman was 2013 giving him 4 ears of celibacy. Burale revealed her state during an interview where he said that no woman could raise a finger against him on bed matters.

“I am saying this live on TV because no woman can come and say she had sex with me, I haven’t had any bodily contact with a woman since August 18th 2013. Mine is like a presidential term,” said Burale.

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