The best Every-day Deals from the Best Restaurants in Nairobi

We all want to eat lavish, but the problem is, we as aKenyans have been programmed to tin that all those foods we see being posted by the who’s who on Instagram and Twitter is expensive. It could be that they just went when there was a good deal.

You could be one of those people too. All you need is to grab a few friends and enjoy these cheap restaurants deals in Nairobi that will change your life. Sometimes other restaurants are too expensive on a normal day but they happen to have greats deals that you and your friends will definitely enjoy.

1. 2 for one burger at Urban Burger

If you have never been to Urban Gourmet Burger, the best day to go there is on a Monday. Whether you’re there on a date or to meet your friends you will enjoy the get one free burger every Monday for only KSh 990.

cheap restaurants deals in Nairobi
2. Breakfast offer at News Cafe

People shy away from News Cafe because of the assumption that it’s too pricey. But they have an amazing every day offer, where you pay KSh 400 for breakfast.  You get exactly what you see on the image below all for KSh 400 shillings and if you don’t eat bacon you can switch that for sausages instead.

cheap restaurant deals in Nairobi
3.Burgers and Beers at Nyama mama

Every Tuesday from 8pm Nyama mama have reggae burger and beer where you get a two for one offer on burgers and beers for Ksh 1500.

cheap restaurants deals
4. All you can eat ribs at Spurs

I suggest you go there on an early Thursday afternoon where you get an all you can eat offer for only KSh 1,600. You eat all the ribs you can so I suggest you go there ready to devour and get extremely full.


cheap nairobi restaurant deals
5. Friday thrill Debonairs pizza

Debonairs still lives on, every Friday you buy a standard pizza or 2 large pizza’s from the pizza’s below and only pay 1k. So basically you pay 1k for two pizza’s, so if you have a group of friends on a Friday night this is the place to go to.

Image result for Friday thrill Debonairs pizza

6. Wacky Wednesday 

How affordable is this? You spend KSh 300 and get two burgers. So if you get too hungry and you fancy a burger get to it on Wednesday.

Image result for wednesday steers offer

This covers for most of the days of the week. Most restaurants have deals over the weekends which I will cover in another article. If you want more of this please write in the comment section.

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