Basketballer jailed for practicing naked

When anyone does anything in the nude nowadays it is termed as public indecency. A Florida man was just in luck as what he termed as ‘polishing up on his basketball skills landed him in jail.

Police received a call around 7:30 p.m on Sunday (12.05.19) regarding a nude man playing basketball alone at the Candyland Park on Longdale Avenue in Longwood.

When officers from the Longwood Police Department arrived they found Jordan Anderson, 29, shooting hoops with no clothes on.

When approached on the court, Anderson told officers he was “working on his basketball skills.”

According to the NY Post, when asked by law enforcement why he decided to ditch his clothes at the public court Anderson said it was because he thought playing naked would “help improve his basketball skills”.

When prompted, he followed orders to put his clothes back on, then was arrested on misdemeanor charges for indecent exposure of sexual organs according to the police report.

He is currently serving jail time in Sanford, Florida.

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