When she starts wanting it all the time out of nowhere

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Contrary to age-old, legendary tales of stiff breezes and brushed-against boners, men do not have the monopoly on spontaneously induced horniness. Women, too, “turn horny” or “get a horn on” or “horn it up,” for as many varied and random reasons as men do. Sure, we may generally be too repressed to express it like sports commentators narrating our own horny memoir, but that doesn’t mean we are immune to the horn-inducing moments of life.

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Still, it appears to puzzle men when they witness a woman copping to her own horn identity. A man said his girlfriend went from wanting sex a couple of times a week during their 1.5 year relationship to wanting to bang all the time. You could’ve put on that one shirt she likes and rolled up the sleeves to expose your forearms.

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You could’ve run your hands through your hair, softened your eyes when you looked at her, been kind to someone, or, hell, simply handled some insane traffic in a commandingly smooth way. It could be anything related to a movement, a gesture, or an act of service of some kind that was desirable, or something you had no idea makes her splash.

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Maybe you noticed something terrible or sexist and mentioned it all on your own, because you are intelligent and not threatened. Your reward? Horniness. If a woman clicks off the TV, sets down her phone, comes over to you and straddles you, you can be sure she just read or saw a thing about a man doing a sexy thing or a sexy sex thing happening and wants that sexy thing with you. Go with it.

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Maybe you took care of something in an adult, caring way that anticipated her needs without having to be reminded, nagged, scolded or ignored. You picked up the dry cleaning on your own, you restocked the fridge. Now you’ve been paid back in horniness.

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