This Is What Your Nail Polish Color Reveals About You

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Today, unlike yesteryears, the nail polish industry has become diverse even in the colours available. It’s no longer about the maroons and the reds but as many colours that are in the world, so are they availed in nail polish.
Did you know that the colour of nail polish you wear reflects the kind of person you are, if not then it screams the attitude you are in at that particular moment. This is what some of the colours speak about you.
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Is fun and vibrant and scream our energy. The best time to wear yellow is in warm or hot sunny weather (which may be an everyday thing in our country)  If you choose this colour of nail polish then that automatically means that you are not afraid to stand out as yellow catches the eye. Neon colours also fall in this category since they express the sense of a bubbly atmosphere as well.
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Shows a sense of maturity and calmness. The complete opposite of the colour red, green nail polish eludes a soft spoken personality and puts one in a relaxed mood. This is the reason why a walk in a green field would also calm one’s nerves.
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This colour just like the colour red, black nail polish expresses power. The difference however comes in whereby the colour black provides a barrier that due to the perceived dark nature of the colour black, your nail polish will provide a barrier that will give you assurance that no one will mess with you. Ladies, when you’re in your ‘I got this’ mood, black nail polish is the way to go and look classy while at it.

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