How Women Wearing Skinny Jeans Are Putting Their Reproductive Health At Risk

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Ladies, skinny jeans look really good and trendy but it is causing more harm than good. In fact it is detrimental to their reproductive system.

According to Researchers from Boston University School of Public Health have revealed that women who wear tight-fitting trousers are at twice the risk of developing vulvodynia.

Vulvodynia is chronic pain or discomfort of the vulva (the area surrounding the outside of the vagina) that lasts for three months or longer without any evidence of other skin or gynaecological.

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Symptoms of the condition including burning, stinging or sore sensation, with pain often spreading to the buttocks or inner thighs.

Meanwhile, women who reported removing their pubic hair from their mons pubis (the soft mound of skin above the genitals) were 74% more likely to experience the condition.

Dr Bernard Harlow, senior author of the study, said: “With an increase in the prevalence of pubic hair removal directly from the vulvar region, particularly in adolescent girls, the microabrasions to this sensitive area may predispose young women to immune-inflammatory complications.

“Likewise, tight-fitting jeans or pants can create an environment that fosters genital tract infections, which have been shown to be associated with vulvar pain onset.”

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