Endela Kujianika Uchi- Zari Slammed For shaming Muslims with Revealing Clothes

Although zari has a good number of supporters who praise everything that she does whether good or bad, there are people who do not agree with everything that she does

Given that it’s Ramadhan every Muslim lady is expected to dress well covering all her body parts
However, this does not apply for Uganda’s socialite zari. She is coming out with revealing clothes than ever before

Seems Diamond was so hard on her such that she could observe decent dressing during the holy mo

Now that she away from Diamond Platimumz and allegedly dating a billionaire, she has a lot of freedom to walk around half naked

However, some fans will not let a go scot free. They would be on her neck to remind her that she is lives in a society where religion matters

This follows a post that one follower of zari did in response to a post that Zari had done on social media. The self-proclaimed boss lady went to social media and posted a picture of her wearing a dress that left the breath and her thighs bare for the public to feed the eyes

The upset follower went on and slapped her on the face by telling her to continue walking half naked

Nyie jianikeni mitandaoni tu huku mkiwa nusu uchi na ramadhani hii mkumbuke mmeumbwa na kunasiku mtarejea kwa muumba shauli zenu maana mnaona ndo mshafika hapa hayaa

This is not the fast time zari is shaming her religion by walking around half naked
She loved revealing her body parts from time to time despite the fact that she is a mother of 5

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