What To Consider For An Effective Work Out After Ifter

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It’s not easy to maintain your fitness regimen especially when you are fasting, not only for muslims but for every other religion, only your determination can help you.

I can imagine the situation now, you feel so full and useless like a couch potato after your evening meal. After that the filling session you now have to think about going back to your work out session.

Before you settle or get confused about the kind of activities to embark on, once you figure out the trick on how to work out our after Iftar, you probably won’t stop.

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1. First and foremost, decide on the type of workout you will be doing during Ramadan. Is it a brisk walk after Iftar, or something with high intensity. Figure out what your body can tolerate.

2. Be sure to load up on carbs and sugar during your Iftar, it will give you an immediate boost from the fasting.

3. Wait at least two to three hours after Iftar before heading to a workout so your body can digest the food properly.

4. During Iftar, stick to foods that are easily digestible. Avoid foods that are high on fat.

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5. If you are going to work out directly after Iftar, go for a light meal, like soup and salad, and continue your heavy meal after the workout.

6. Be sure to hydrate your body and consume lots of water after breaking your fast. That way, you will prevent any muscle cramps during your workout.

7. Do consider workouts like yoga or swimming after Iftar, they are not intense and are super effective to maintain your weight and your figure.

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