VIDEO: Obado pledges to use the bible to rescue his colleagues from the jaws of senators

Migori County governor Zachary Okoth Obado has pledged to read the bible before the senate committee so as to prevent the senators from castigating and judging him and his fellow governors.

Speaking on Monday while appearing before the senate committee to respond to audit queries, Obado said he will one day be forced to read the bible to the senators for them to know that castigating others for no apparent reason is not good.

“One time it will even force me to read the bible….Professor you are a christian, you read the bible. I will read the bible to the people so that they know castigating others for no apparent reason is not good….” said the Migori County chief.

He also accused the Public Accounts and Investment Committee of summoning governors to ‘roast’ them. He suggested the senators should support devolution and objectively oversight the governors.’

Obado also said he sympathizes with Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, adding that the Senate Committee Chairperson Senator Moses Kajwang’ deliberately ‘roasted’ the Kiambu county chief.

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