Kenya’s most notorious woman criminal freed at last

Image result for suspect, who was being trailed by Detectives, was captured on several CCTV cameras breaking Apartments & offices within Nairobi

A Kenyan woman arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on May 2nd has been set free.

Following his arrest, police said Margaret Waithira Kamande is wanted in several countries in the continent for burglaries.

Waithira, who was arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), was allegedly fleeing the country to Tanzania after learning she was being trailed by Kenyan authorities.

She allegedly runs a network of burglary activities within and without the country and is on the list of Interpol’s most wanted persons.

In a statement, the DCI said the suspect had been captured on CCTV on several occasions breaking into houses and offices in Nairobi.

“Ms. Margaret Waithira Kamande, a notorious house breaker was today arrested by DCI Detectives while trying to board a flight to Dar es Salaam,” DCI said in a tweet then.

Police have also linked her to the killing of an AP officer who was shot dead at Blue Hut hotel while responding to an insecurity call.

The DCI also said the Kenyan woman was on Interpol’s most wanted list and had skipped bail in Zimbabwe.

The suspect, who detectives describe as a notorious robber, was arraigned at Kibera law court on Friday.

Waithira pleaded guilty to burglary and stealing charges and was fined Sh100K or 18 months imprisonment.

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Police say she still has other pending cases in court and has two previous convictions.

She had previously been arrested in Tanzania in possession of door master keys, house keys and a crowbar used to break into houses.

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