Best Workout Routine For Women With Big ‘Oranges’

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Ladies with big ‘jugs’ find it challenging to work out effectively and trust me it’s not about having the right bra. The feeling is not at all interesting.

Some women even avoid going to the gym because of their breast size! Big breasts can cause back pain to some women during workout, and others find it annoying that they can’t control the movement of their big breasts during the workout.

To solve this problem, let’s discuss the solutions that will help women with big breasts go back to the gym to work out more efficiently, and confidently.

1. Big breasts need a good and supportive sports bra.

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First things first, take care of the twins using the right kind of support. You need to wear a good and supportive bra for your big breasts. Avoid wearing a regular bra while working out, it won’t only be hurtful during your workout, it will also make your breasts move uncontrollably, which will eventually get you tired really quickly.

2. Follow a healthy diet plan to adjust your big breast size.

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Following a healthy diet plan will help you adjust your big breast size. Breasts contain fat just like the rest of your body, so losing weight will shed some of your breast size and weight. Lighter breasts will help you workout better.

3. Pilates and yoga are key exercises for women with big breasts.

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Why are yoga and Pilates key exercises for women with big breasts? Because we mentioned in the beginning, your breasts’ heavy weight might cause you back pain, so what you need to do is to strengthen your core muscles. Strengthening your core muscles will help you handle extra weight in a better way. So if you want, you can perform yoga and Pilates, in parallel with your cardio workout plan.

4. Breast exercises are important!

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Breast exercises are not only meant to maximize your breast size, they’re meant to strengthen your breasts’ muscles to make them look and feel firmer. Having firm breasts will make them more under control while you workout.

5. Workout positions are important for women with big breasts.

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Making sure that you’re doing the workout move in the right position will avoid you unnecessary back injuries. For example, women with big breasts should never incline their bodies to the front and their backs should be well supported all the time.

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