Watch- Mum wows netizens by her selfless love as she receives son


Mother’s Day is definitely a special day for everyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy the love of a mother.

Many will share adorable moments that tend to explain how important their mother has been and will be to their lives, as a way of appreciating their existence.

But the case of Michael Khateli was an exceptional one.

Nothing beats the illustration of how a mother truly loves and always wishes the best for their child than a clip shared by Khateli on His Facebook wall. It was an epic, emotional, adorable and unforgettable moment that has captured the hearts of many.

In fact, others have experienced tears of joy watching the clip.

Such was an epic moment that many social media users approved of the mother’s love and epitomized her as a true definition of a loving mother.

In the video footage, a man driving a car is captured approaching a homestead and on the way meets a woman, who happens to be the mother, walking towards the coming car.

As the woman approaches, he doesn’t know the vehicle coming her way belongs to her son, she appears to be paving way for the car. It is then that the son lowers the window of the vehicle to the surprise of the mother and inform her “I have bought another car.”

An emotional moment dawns for the mother who is overjoyed as she walks back telling her son “come I hug you my son” amidst song and dance.

As the son watches, still in the car, the woman places her hand on the car, continues to sing and dance as she thanks God for his son’s progress. She continues to pronounce blessings to the son, walking around the car blessing it and finally saying “let me go and change my clothes so that I can come to the car.”

So interesting was the moment that perhaps that loving and emotional moment cannot be better told by words.

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