Rashid Abdalla is Nandy’s number one fan

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Celebrated Media Personality Rashid Abdalla has opened up on being Nandy’ number one fan.

The media personality was spotted in Nandy’s album launch a couple week ago and he explained his presence saying that he had gone to support the Tanzanian Songstress.

Apart from being a big fan, Rashid says that a while back, he also got the opportunity to interview her concerning her music.

To top up to these reasons, Nandy also works with a team of filmmakers in Tanzania which is linked to some of Rashid’s projects.

On whether he plans on working with Nandy in the film aspect, Rashid said that Nandy is currently doing well in her art and career both music and acting.

He also hinted on the possibility of working with her adding that it is also highly expected that she will work with even greater people because of her passion and commitment for the work.

In regard to Nandy launching her album in Kenya, the media personality says that it was indeed a great thing since it shows the level of growth she is chasing in her music career.

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Apart from supporting Nandy, Rashid also revealed he is indeed impressed with Willy Paul’s music because he is daring and talented.

His message to Nandy is that the journey has just begun for her and she should always have her yesterday in mind and that will help her go further.

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