Makueni Governor on the Spot after Kalembe Ndile calls him out

Former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Kalembe Ndile at a past event.

Former Kibwezi Member of Parliament Kalembe Ndile has hit out at Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana, for failing to deal with water problems in the county.

Speaking on Saturday, Kalembe said that it’s disheartening that the governor lives a few kilometers from Thwake river, but has never put up measures to ensure the basic commodity is available to residents.

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He said that water from boreholes won’t help the residents, adding that the county government should ensure proper measures like construction of dams, or reserving of rain water.

“I’m in KEWI and I know sinking of boreholes won’t be of much help. There’s need for water to be harvested in dams like now the little rains we are experiencing,” said Kalembe.

He lamented that visitors visiting Makueni have to find hotels that have sufficient donkeys to supply water, or else, they will have a hard time during their stay.

“I’m telling you, to know which hotel to seek accommodation in Makueni, you have to know which has many donkeys supplying water. It’s true,” he said.

Kalembe criticized Kibwana for blocking Nairobi governor Mike Sonko from supplying relief food in Makueni.

He said that anyone willing to supply relief food should be allowed to do so in a bid to help suffering families.

“We heard that Sonko was blocked from bringing food in Makueni, yet there are families in dire need of it, just because you lead a place doesn’t mean you own it,” he noted.

Kalembe spoke at the burial ceremony of departed MCA Joseph Musya, and his son Stephen Kyove who lost their lives after a grisly accident two weeks ago.

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