How To Host A Glorious Ramadhan Gathering At Your Home

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Be it the Ramadhan Iftar or Suhoor, when hosting this meals at your place you must ensure that your guests feel comfortable, and of course, your meal should be good enough for a King, but then again you don’t have to bite more than you can chew.

This is how you can make it exquisite;

1. Ensure that the starters, drinks and appetizers are ready before your guests arrive so that they do not have to wait for too long before they can start eating.

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2. A great hosting tip to make your guests feel at home, is to make everything they need in reach, so they don’t have to ask you to leave the table and get it for them. Think about the salt and pepper shakers, the ice cubes, extra table towels and even extra empty glasses.

3. Make sure every serving plate has its serving spoons, forks and knives so your guests can feel free to serve themselves whenever they want.

4. You also need to prepare praying sets and praying rugs on the side for people who want to pray.

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5. Make your bathroom comfortable for your guests. Make sure there are enough guest towels, liquid soap and toilet paper. Having an air freshener in reach is also a great idea.

6. Don’t make strict rules over the TV as there are those that like gathering around the TV to watch their favourite programs. Let your guests know that they’re free to watch the television if they want to.

7. Ensure you have a side table for desserts and coffee and tea before they arrive, so they can serve themselves after having Iftar or Suhoor.

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8. To make comfortability possible you need not invite too many people so you can communicate with each and every one. Separate your friends into groups, and invite every group on different days.

9. One of the main hosting tips anyone should consider for Ramadhan Iftar and Suhoor gatherings is to make sure the food is enough for everyone, and make sure you made food that all of the guests would like to eat! You can ask them a day before what they like, and if anybody is allergic to something.

10. If your guests want to help you around with removing the plates, let them do it. It will make them feel comfortable that they offered you a helping hand.

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