This Is Why Break-ups Are The Best Thing Ever

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Well, it is devastating that you have to ‘unlove’ someone after investing so much on the person but there is a good side to this emotional roller coaster.

You could go crazy and no one will judge you, right? You can even fake an outburst and now one will take offence. Other things you can enjoy during this season include

1. “Breakups are a great excuse to redecorate”

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If you belong to a group of people who love new things, then this is your time to make a difference everywhere.

Rearrange your room, especially your bed and your mirror. Then try not to feel empty when your own sleep sanctuary is completely unrecognizable.

2. “Breakups are a great excuse for a makeover”

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Get a new wild hair cut. Then smile politely when people tell you that your new haircut looks “pretty”.

3. “Breakups are a great excuse to finally get fit”

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Revenge body things…. You know. There is always that adrenaline that comes and makes you want to look better than you usually do.

As if the relationship was the reason for your fast food addiction and laziness. Harsh? Yea, so are breakups.

4. “Breakups are a great excuse to travel and visit places you have never thought you would.

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Finally, go on that trip you’ve been talking about for months. Block out those thoughts about how he/she “would have loved this place”.

5. “Breakups are a great excuse to reflect on your personal growth”

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Think about all the lessons you’ve learned about how to love instead of all the ways you failed miserably… again. At least you’re getting better at relationships, right? …Right?!

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