Nairobi’s Sh7Bn CCTV Fail to Identify Car Behind MP’s Accident

Nairobi CCTV cameras Friday morning failed the state once again after a vehicle which rammed an MP’s car from behind sped off without notice.

Molo MP Hon Kuria Kimani was on his way to Molo when his Toyota Landcruiser vehicle was hit from behind by another motorists at the city’s Uhuru Highway.

The morning accident that extensively damaged the rear end of the MP’s car, smashing all the windows but the occupants.

At the time of the gruesome accident, Kimani was in the car with his bodyguard and his driver. Reports, however, remain scanty whether the MP was the one behind the wheels or someone else.

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Kimani was rushed to MP Shah Hospital even though all his car’s occupants survived with no physical injuries.

The youthful MP thanked God for saving his life from an imminent danger that would have caused harm to him and his constituents.

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“God saves. And He has saved me. He has saved us. This morning on my way to Molo we got involved in a road accident. Someone hit us from the back and sped away,” he wrote adding that “my driver and security are all fine. So am I. Again thank you God for saving us.”

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